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Skin Care Tips Hindi At Home
dry skin care at home

Our face is the most important in our body. Everyone can tell you by looking at it. How do you look But when there is a problem in our face, we start getting worried. Why not only for our face but also our identity. Our face also changes according to the weather like garmiyo me skin care (summer skin care) is different and sardiyo me skin care (winter skin care) is different. Our face can have a lot of problems like this. The main problem is mainly in our face.

= Skin Problems

1. Dry skin
2. Sensitive skin 3. Oily skin
4. Pimple skin

This is some of the major problems in our face. Of which we all have some problem in our face. How can we fix this? Today we are going to know this, what we are going to tell you here, you have to use it according to your face. If this problem of your face is not correct with the treatment described here, then you should consult the doctor of Dromatologist. So let's know

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How to take care of your face at home . (skin care tips hindi at home)

 If you want to bear your skin, then first of all you have to pay attention to your food (Helthy Deit). A good nutrition is very important in keeping your skin healthy. If your diet is not right This is not only true for your body but also for your skin. It depends a lot on what you eat for your skin throughout the day and how you take care of your skin throughout the day. So that reflects our inner health, it means to say that if the body is healthy, then the skin will also look clean and glowing. If you do some home remedies on your face, it can be very beneficial for your skin. Why there is no chemical in the domestic treatment which reduces the glow of our face.

 What is the causes of dry skin

When our dry skin starts to become lifeless then it starts to look like white white papdi. This problem occurs in winter more than all of us. And almost everyone has this problem. Which is a simple one. Which you do not need to tell.

Lack of postic in our body makes our skin feel happy. If you do not have a good nutritious diet then you may have this problem. And due to many reasons our skin starts drying up. This dry face care problem is more popular than all.

face is more face problem can be more than the face cleanser (Fash Clinser), it can be from the product of soap and other chemical products. All of these have a direct effect in our skin. Which takes away the moisture inside our face. Which our face feels dry.

If you stay outside the house for a long time or work in the sun, then it also causes your face to dry up. Our face starts drying up with ultraviolet rays coming out of the sun because these rays are so dangerous. That it prevents collagen from going inside your skin. Which starts to feel dry in your skin. Collagen helps to soften your skin. And prevents your skin from drying.
skin car tips hindi
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Home Remedies for Dry skin

Generally, people use home remedies firstly to bring radiance to the home remedy for dry skin or to make the skin soft and glow. Let's know about some such home remedies -

benefits of honey (How to Use Honey for Dry Skin Care Tips at Home)

Honey is very important not only for your body but also for your face, which is most beneficial for your dry skin. You should apply honey on your skin when your skin starts getting dry in winter. Honey will provide moisture to your face which helps reduce your dry skin. You should leave the honey at work for ten minutes at night and after that wash it with plain water and clean it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Honey is very beneficial for dry skin. If the skin becomes dry due to changing weather, applying the city provides moisture to the skin. Keep it on the face for ten minutes and then face it.

2 How to Use Multani mitti

Multani soil proves to be very beneficial in all the problems faced in our face by using multani mitti. Multani mitti is very beneficial in our face due to dry skin (DRY SKIN) towel skin (OILY SKIN) red skin (SENSATIVE SKIN) pimple skin (PIMPLE SKIN). Multani mitti also helps in improving your face. Multani soil should be used while sleeping at night.

Mix the multani mitti with 300 gms of curd with 10 gms of multani mitti and together with 10 ml of lemon juice and then leave it for 15 minutes and after that you should leave the multani mitti on your face. You should apply the paste and keep it for at least 1 hour before work, after that wash it with plain water and clean it with a clean cloth. If you use Multani soil at least once in 15 days, your skin stays healthy.

3 How to use olive oil for care tips at home

The protein in olive oil is very beneficial for our face. Olive oil is very good for the dry skin of our face. In olive oil, it gives your skin a most desirable effect. Which reduces our dry skin. Mixing olive oil with milk in a bowl will eliminate the dryness of your face.

How to apply olive oil on face Put
a little olive oil in a small bowl and mix it well with cold milk and then your face But apply it with cotton and leave it on for 30 minutes, wash its face well with cold water and clean it thoroughly with a clean cloth, making sure you do not rub the cloth on your face.

You will start seeing this difference on your face within 3 days, papdi will be starting to turn white from your face. 

How to use sesame oil for dry skin care tips

Sesame oil is very beneficial for the happy skin of our face, by applying sesame oil on your face, it ends the dry skin in your face from the root. Also, it prevents pimple from happening on your face. 

Add a teaspoon (spoon) of sesame seeds to you in a small bowl and mix it well by rubbing it and after freezing it, massage it gently on your face for 5 minutes and then for 30 minutes. Leave it. Then wash it with plain water. In this way, the dryness starts coming out of your face and moisture will come in your skin as well as your face starts looking clear.

How to Use Milk Cream for Dry Skin Care Tips at Home

You must have read above that as you apply sesame oil on your face, you have to rub the milk and massage it with light hands and leave it for 20 minutes.

If you do all these skin care tips on home remedies on your skin, then the dry skin will start to disappear from your face.

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