Hair loss cause in women-Hair loss during pregnancy

 Women Hair Loss reasons

women hair fall during pregncy

In today's time, everyone is worried about hair loss.
And it has become a big challenge if we do not take hair loss women causes then it can become a big problem for you and you can be bald before your age. There can be many reasons for women to lose their hair. Which we are going to tell you about as well as how we can prevent our hair from falling. So let's know. quickly.

Hair loss cause in women

Most important for hair. You cannot even imagine the beauty of any woman without hair. And hair is the most important hair of a woman's beauty. But in today's time, the hair loss of a woman falls due to the cause of women.

This is some of the main reasons. Maybe you are suffering too, and how can you stop your hair from falling.

1 .Hair fall reasons
 If your hair falls between 70 and 100 daily, then it is normal hair fall. You can also ignore this. Every woman and man has got so many hairs fast. It does not cause any disease or problem for your hair loss. This is some of my hair fall reasons.

2 . Anagen Effluvium

 When your new hair comes out, then your hair falls as fast as your hair comes out. This whole process is called Anagen cycle. Where your new hair is made and other hair falls. And at this time hair also falls from other parts of your body. Your eye brow hair loss also appears to occur. Some people start falling hair in small spots on the scalp and on the beard or eyebrows. And your hair may be itchy or aching before hair fall.

3. Symptoms of hair fall

Baldness in the hair texture of women is like an open pop-up. Due to the loss of hair, there are empty pots in the head. Sometimes it is painful to have head in your hair due to itching too much. Because of which your hair also falls. Hair loss can happen in many different ways. It can come suddenly or slowly, depending on its cause and it can make a difference only to your head or your whole body.

4. It may cause symptoms of loss: (casues of hair fall)

The hair on the top of your head gradually starts to thin. And this is the easiest way of hair loss, it also counts with the age of women.B when in men, the hair fall from the hairline on the forehead starts to work. And a part of their hair starts spreading in women. Due to which their excessive hair loss suddenly increases

5. Hair fall in pregnancy

You are pregnant . So due to physical stress in your pregnancy, hair loss starts. By the way, during pregnancy, hair loss is seen a lot after the delivery of the baby. After pregnancy your hair loss starts, then you should know that your hair will come back after some time. It is a normal. With every woman, you don't need to panic it

6. Hormones Change:

Due to the changes in hormones due to pregnancy, your hair also starts falling. In exactly the same way. You can have it even if you eat contraceptive pills or stop taking it. This can also cause your telogen effluvium. There is a lot of potential here. And if your hair falls out of the puzzle, then it is also a reason for balance changes in your daily hormonal changes. Androgen hormones are re-starting on your hair scalp, then the hair follicle becomes smaller. And then your hair starts falling more than before.

What to do
If you have this problem, your doctor has been around for other birth control types for a long time, then you will have to look after your hair more or you should talk to your doctor about why it is a serious hair fall. May be the case.

7. Hair thinning (

weak hair loss) This weakening of your hair is a physical or your concern can weaken the hair. And when you comb, you will see that there is a lot of hair in your comb. You sweep the comb and have the same hair comb again. This is the reason when your hair becomes very weak. And even when you shampoo in your hair, your hair grows too much due to which the hair is weak.

8. Hair color

If you have done hair color in your hair. And then your hair falls. And more often it happens. Nowadays there is a lot of hair color. In which a lot of chemical is used. This hair color is very harmful for your hair. No such hair color has yet been made in which chemical has not been used. Chemical hair color causes itching and pain along with hair loss and itching at the roots of your hair. Which is the reason for your hair loss causes. Instead, you can use organic mehndi. And it does not have any chemical in it which does not harm your hair.

9. Changing the style of hair with chemical change

When you look at your hair and it looks too curly hair or there is no more hair in your hair than you are bored with dry hair, oily hair, then if you think of changing your hair texture, then also change your values. If you think of doing hair smoothing or keratin treatment, it can change the look of your hair but it can also do a lot of damage to your hair. They have a very high chemical content. keratin then itching on your eyes or skin. Or Jalen begins to happen. In addition, the amount of formaldehyde in keratin is high, which
may also increase the risk of A. And your hair is completely removed. To change your hair texture, you can use natural things.

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10. Hair Dryer

When you style your hair, you use hair dryer very much, then your hair also starts falling. Why hair dryer weakens your hair roots, which increases
the chances of your hair falling. Hot air in the hair dryer is very harmful for your hair daily. And when you comb your hair after washing it. So even then your hair may fall. When a little water or shampoo is applied on the ball, then the curtical is opened. Because of which your hair gets a little weak after washing. Until it dries.

You do not tie your hair after drying it and not tightly tie your hair, you should not rub your hair too vigorously with a towel, it weakens the root of your hair. And then hair loss starts

 Hair loss natural treatment has used a lot in its hair and even then your hair loss is not decreasing, then we are giving you hair loss natural treatment  using which you can stop your hair loss. .

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1. Vitamin C (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is called the bone of the spine.
Vitamin C not only prevents your hair from breaking down, it also strengthens your hair and helps you grow your hair quickly. Vitamin C causes itching in your hair roots or your hair's pimples Also prevents this from happening. To get vitamin C, you should eat fruits and vegetables that have a very high amount of vitamin C and this
is the best treatment for hair loss natural treatment at home.

2. You should avoid washing your hair daily, rather you wash your hair only 3/4 times in a week. Roots are weakened by women washing their hair daily.

3. Shampoo
You should use a shampoo that does not contain chemical or has a lot of work. And if you are losing strength, then you should use hair resource shampoo, it will work for your hair loss, or the chemical in hair resource shampoon is not equal. And it helps strengthen your hair.

4. Conditioner
Conditioner is very important for your hair when you use shampoo, your hair will not get tangled with the conditioner will be straight and soft. You should do conditioner after shampoo and leave the conditioner in your hair for 3/5. Keep in mind that the conditioner is just above the hair. Do not apply to roots and rub like shampoo. By doing this your hair becomes oily very quickly. Apply the conditioner only on the top and in the last of the balls (Ends).

5. Hair spa treatment

You will know that hair spa is very important for your hair, which you must do once a month. You do not have any problem like freezy hair, messey hair, curly hair, dry hair, oily hair, conditioner. And your hair also keeps shine. Hair Spa After the collar, it is very important to have a hair spa. These are the chemical used inside the collar. Hair Spa Usa also protects your hair.

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