Hair fall reason men in hindi-Hair fall treatment at home

Hair fall reason in hindi
men hair fall reason

Now-a-days you will see every five or five people is a ganja. And this hair loss problem is increasing and hair loss problem is found in all kinds of people,
there can be many reasons for hair fall reason in women and men. Which we are going to talk about. You have hair
loss problem in both women and men, you have more hair loss problem than men due to this reason. There are many reasons of hair fall reason in men. The hair of men falls most frequently from the middle and front. And he looks bald very quickly. Today we will tell you what are the reasons for hair fall reasons men .   

1 Hair fall normal

If your hair falls between 80 and 100 daily, then this hair fall is normal. You do not need to think it more, it does not come in hair fall. It is common for an ordinary person to have so much hair breakage. And also 80 to 100 hair falls for you. When you are sleeping, it is also common to rub your head with the bed, or it is common to fall so much hair while shampooing. Or even when you pull your hair, this hair fall is normal.

If your hair starts losing it more often. Then it becomes a serious problem. At such a time, you should not ignore your hair loss, by doing this, you increase your hair loss problem more. Which you can become a victim of baldness very quickly. At such times, you should consult a good doctor for your hair.

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2 How to control hair fall

In today's time there is no age to grow hair but it needs to be more concerned when the hair starts falling at the age of 18 to 20 and you start looking at 35 even at the age of 20. . If you have this problem of hair loss at this age, then every person is living under stress in the time of paying attention to their hair properly. Working stress Family stress has a great effect on your health. Due to which you also have a hair fall reason due to stress .

3 Generational hair loss

One of these problems is very much in people, in which their. Hair loss occurs. This hair loss problem goes on from father to father and from son to son from generation to generation.

4 medicine hair loss

Consumption of the medicine also increases the risk of excessive hair loss, most of these medicines have harmful blood pressure for the hair, excess intake of this medicine also causes your hair to fall apart. Falls fast. Among these, hair loss is methotrexate among other medicines. This claim is used to treat arthritis and skin. It is also possible to let your hair fall. If you use these medicines and you are having hair loss, then you can reduce the intake of these medicines by consulting a doctor or you can speak for any other medicine.

 5 Hair fall protein

Hair loss treatment at home l is also more important than drinking your food. It becomes very important when your hair loss is too much. So you are not able to get protein. Due to which it can also be of your hair fall reason.

6 Hair fall  natural remedy 

You can complete your protein deficiency by eating goats or fish, prawn meat and eggs and this is the best treatment of hair fall treatment at home, if you cannot consume meat or fish and eggs. So you should prepare a list of green vegetables that you can consume daily. In this, you can have carrots, radish, sugar, cucumbers, loki, lentils, gram, and many more. Vegetables can be added which help in stopping your hair fall.

You also have to keep in mind if you are having too much vitamin A

intake of vegetables, too much vitamin A is harmful for your hair, according to the dermatology doctor, due to the intake of vitamin A food and drugs, hair loss will start. This is because it is also a major cause of hair loss, and once the amount of vitamin A is reduced, your hair starts growing faster again normally.

7 weight loss

When you lose weight or lose weight due to some reason, then your hair also starts falling very fast. This can also be a hair fall reason

8 water level
You may also have problems with water in hair fall reason. Hair loss with water is a common phenomenon. You must have seen it when you go somewhere from your village or city. So your hair starts falling. This is due to the level of water because the water which is mineral. There is a difference between your city and village. Sometimes this very hair starts falling. You should not worry about it, it automatically gets right. If your hair loss does not go well then you should talk to a doctor. Be careful not to ignore it or else it can be serious.

9 age
You are about to enter menopause. Or about to go through it, then this change happens in your body. It can have a huge impact on your hair too. And "hair loss becomes more and

10 Canser
God never let anyone have cancer unfortunately. But the medicines used in the treatment of cancer also cause excessive hair loss. "The doctor says it is like a chemotherapy bomb. And it rapidly destroys the cells of your body. Once the chemotherapy is corrected, your hair will come back, but it will be in your old hair texture. But your hair may be curly or your hair may be curly earlier, and your hair also changes color. There can be either white hair or golden hair.

 Chemotherapy At the time of dealing with hair loss, such as cleaning the hair of the head repeatedly or covering it.

This is 10 hair loss reasons   . If you like this post, then share it and let us know.

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